it's funny, really people tell me i have a way with words that i piece them effortlessly like jigsaw puzzles weaving through the seams to string them together orchestrating a beautiful work of art that warms if that's really true why is it that it feels like there's never enough words in the world for [...]


you love me…

believed in me even when i seemed hopeless prayed for me even when i left faith behind walked by me even when i let go of your hand talked to me even when i couldn't respond laugh with me even if you don't understand ask me out even if you know i'll turn you down [...]

the answer

stop asking me, i have already answered!!! i am tired of this. THEN YOU WON'T MIND TELLING ME ONCE MORE you really want to know? fine. i am mad when i think about how today should have been my day too sad when i see Mother's worry for my mental health plastered all over mad [...]


i was dead so i started to run (for my life) my pain, my disappointment, my frustrations; they wouldn't leave me alone so i ran harder until i ran the hardest i ever have legs moved faster than body could keep up (they became lifeless, too) the 1-hr old brownies started washing my insides sweat [...]

why i love to write

In a reality where my intelligence is determined solely by the numbers I can produce, writing makes me feel like I am still smart. The process of intentional intertwining of language with emotions, the nitpicking of every punctuation and space, the stressing over choices of words. The thrill is simply undeniable. The birth of my [...]